Monday, September 5, 2011

Addictive Quilt Along

I joined the Across the Sea Quilt Along.  I am in love with this quilt!  At first I wasn’t totally sure I wanted to commit, so I decided to make a baby size quilt with some random cute Connecting Threads fabric I got on clearance. 

oc pictures 1100

I also decided to use various background fabrics for each cross just to make it a little brighter and kid friendly.  It came together so fast and looks so adorable, that I immediately got to cutting out pieces for two more Greek cross quilts!  The next two I am making are tweaked a little in size to make it a little easier for me cutting it out quickly. 

oc pictures 1101

Esther is turning 3 next week, so I am going to make her a quilt using the fabrics on the top right.  I bought those little foxes just for her.  They are a Monluna Anika print.  I am going to use Ash for the background.  And I plan to make one more in a combo of Denyse Schmidt’s new lines pictured above on the top left.  I am going to use Aqua for that background.  And the bottom left…these are some prints I ordered online (with the exception of the blue floral and red tile above it).  They are from a few lines (Amy Butler & Heather Bailey mainly) and I can’t wait to make something with them!!!


  1. I need to get going on mine. I love yours!

  2. Yeah for greek crosses and I also your color choices for the next greek cross quilts, especially the foxes for Esther. (Wait- a quilt for her birthday NEXT week? How...? You are amazing!)

  3. I really love the little foxes. I've used Denyse Schmidt's fabric before it's so cute. Good luck making the quilt. Oh and just so you know, I'm following you now too.


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