Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Sampler

Well, I gave the Farmer’s Wife Sampler a go over the weekend and my first block did not turn out very well.  I used the rotary cutting directions, but my piecing accuracy still is not up to par.  So, I got an idea…

oc pictures 909

On one of my favorite blogs, Needle Little Balance inspired me to do a “Summer Sampler” with the quilt-a-long she participated in.  Her blocks were absolutely beautiful, but as the quilt-a-long progressed, the block difficulty increased, and I need a project that’s a bit easier.  I just decided to do my own Summer Sampler with my daughter Bea.  We went to Quilter’s Cache and picked out the 12 easiest and prettiest blocks to make.  The site rates blocks on a difficulty level of one to three pins, so we picked all one pinners.

Here are the blocks we made so far:

Hourglass 3

oc pictures 906


oc pictures 908

Friendship Star

oc pictures 907 

Sorry about the arm/camera shadow in all the photos!  I am doing some babysitting this week and cannot turn my eye for a second during the day, so these are all 5:30am photos—before the sun comes up:)

I honestly didn’t know the names of any of the traditional blocks (except log cabin), so I am finding this a lot of fun.  Bea is helping pick out the fabrics, and she can look at the block diagram and lay out the pieces by herself, which is pretty good for 5 years old!  She has dubbed this quilt “The Colors of the Wind.”


  1. Jamie Lee I love your blocks. What a great idea to go to Quilt Cache. I also thought about doing the Farmers Wife Sampler my sister gave me the book for Christmas. But I have still not tackled it.

  2. What a great idea! I keep thinking about Farmer's Wife, but haven't taken the plunge yet. I'm doing a BOM with my quilt club that starts with the fundamentals and gets increasingly more difficult each month. It's a great way to learn and practice new techniques.


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