Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Package from SC

Look at these pretties that arrived in a box from South Carolina this afternoon.  A big thank you to my sister-in-law Robin!!!  My Joanns has had the same exact 5 DS Quilts prints since May.  I finally broke down and bought a few fqs on Etsy, but then I got the brilliant idea to ask all my family members who live in various locales on the East Coast to check their shops for me.  And lo and sil found 15 of the prints at her Joanns!!! 
I am teaching a quilting class (!!!) through Parks and Rec starting in September and plan to use these fabrics as my example.  I think it's a nice compromise between designer fabric and affordability, so that students can feel free to shop at Joanns or at the LQS.  Quilting can be an expensive hobby!  I also happen to follow a blog by an Australian, and DS Quilts has 10 Australian-only exclusive prints in this line.  So, we are going to be swapping some fabrics!  How exciting! 

Well, I plan to do a little sewing in the next two weeks to get items completed for two swaps I am participating in, but other than that, my sewing machine will be kind of quiet.  My oldest daughter, Beatrix, starts kindergarten...sniff...and so we are going to commemorate this big step with a vacation to Niagara Falls. 


  1. I'm sending off a kindergartner this fall, too. He's not my first to go, but it's always a big step. Have fun with those fabrics! I have a quilt to show on my blog that I made using them.

  2. Congrats for teaching others how to quilt, you will do a great job! I also like your way to show others this compromise between designer fabric and affordability. I sometimes read in blogs that women are ashamed that they can only afford other fabrics, not designers fabrics. As there are no designers fabrics available in my area anyways I had never thought about that before I read that but it seems to be a problem for some in blogland, so I try to show that you can make quilts with whatever fabrics you like, too. And after all- stunning quilts were made even from leftover fabrics in the past, right? ;-)

  3. haha... the Australian blogger is having a snoop at your blog! Those fabrics all look so delicious! Gosh I can't wait until the next DS range comes out too - I think I might even like that more - is that possible?!
    Ok so we've established that I'm a little sadly addicted...

    Congratulations on your teaching!!
    And I love looking at all your colourful projects! :) xx


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