Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lesson Learned!

I have so many stories of terrible, terrible, terrible mistakes I have made while learning to sew.  But one I am not going to make anymore is to ask for help if I need it.  I am lucky to have some quilty friends who have helped me out from time to time.  I am making a concerted effort to get into the habit of asking for help when I need it instead of trying to work it out on my own--wasting my precious free time, frustrating myself, and adding to my gigantic UFO pile.  And, I am going to start taking classes at the LQS. 

Today I took a private lesson in binding from one of the LQS instructors who happens to live basically across the street.  Doing a good binding has been so mystifying to me and I've seen so many tutorials on how to do it, that I was just bungling it up time and time again.  It was so frustrating to see my beautiful and time-consuming pieced quilt top get uglied up by my unprofessional looking binding.  But, I am happy to report that the private lesson paid off and was worth ten times the price I paid for it!   Exhibit A:

I have never met a more perfect mitered corner on any quilt I've ever put binding on!  Here's a photo of the complete quilt.  It's quite small--made with some leftover Deb Strain Love Is In The Air charms--and my 2 year old has already staked a claim to it.  I attached the binding to the back and have pinned it all down to the front except for a small 6 inch piece where I ran out of pins!!!  I plan to machine sew it to the front tonight after bedtime.

I also have ratcheted up my machine quilting skills and have branched out from just quilting squiggles.  This time I did nice little flourishes and curliques all over and it looks pretty great!

And I also finished up this table topper that I made for my cousin.  I have a square table topper of the same fabrics on a round table in our living room that she's admired before, so I made this one for her kitchen table.  I plan to give it to her for Mother's Day.

And I'm also partial to the quilting on this one as well.  I tried to make viney leaves on the back of this (it's backed with brick red linen) and I quite like it, too.  After my lesson in binding today, I've decided to sign up for a machine quilting class next month.

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  1. You are doing so good! Quilters love to help each other out and be encouragers! I've been able to help some people and others have really helped me! Asking others how they do things has helped me get out of my ruts and sometimes find easier methods.



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