Saturday, April 2, 2011

iPad Sleeve

About two weeks ago I made a friend a Kindle Sleeve.  I don't have a Kindle myself, so I just followed an online tutorial and luckily it turns out the measurements were right on.  For Christmas, my husband totally surprised me with an iPad, so I thought I'd try to design a nice little sleeve for it (although he bought me a case for it already).  With this quilted sleeve there will be a little more padding and cushion, so I can just tuck the whole thing in my gi-nor-mus mom bag and just go!  I had some American Jane Punctuation charm squares that I had no immediate plan for, so I made what I think is an appropriate iPad case for a former English teacher:)   I guess it doesn't really have a front or back, but I think of the front as the little squares and the back as the zig-zags:

And, it tastes pretty good, too:


  1. What a great idea. Love you ipad sleeve and I see someone else does too.

  2. Such cute projects...and adorable baby!



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