Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Spring!

I finally finished putting the binding on the two tablerunners I made for a friend:
I like the beachy colors I used this time and I'm getting a little better at machine binding.  I hate, hate, hate sewing on the binding by hand.  It just takes too long for a mother of 3.

And here's a cute key fob I made for spring.  I bought one for myself several months ago on Etsy and love it.  It's so easy to just slip on my wrist when I'm walking out from the grocery store with 3 kids in tow and keep track of my keys so I can actually open the minivan without bending over and seaching through my bag.  The strawberry fabric is a Japanese print that I ordered online.  I just love aqua and red together.  It seems like a popular color combo this spring. 

The light glinting on the hardware makes it look like there's a bend in it, but it's really straight and unbent.  My husband used a pair of pliers and a pair of jeans to put the hardware on without scratching it.  I might invest the in $12.99 clear rubber tipped pliers to do it more professionally because I plan on giving these babies away as Christmas presents for friends and family this year. 

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  1. Your Easter bunny table runners are so cute. Love love them.


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