Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Pillows

Once I made the pillow covers with the Alexander Henry Farmdale prints, I realized that my original calculation of 5 inches of solid around the center was indeed correct, and I shouldn't have cut each 5 inch strip into 2.5 inches like I thought!!!  These pillows turned out 12x12 instead of 14x14 as I planned.  After a quick phone call to my local Joanns to find out if they carry the 12x12 pillow insert as advertised online (they don't), I decided this would be a great time to teach my daughter how to use my sewing machine.  She machine stitched two 12x12 muslin pillows in about a half hour (it would have only taken me 5 minutes, but that's no fun!), we stuffed them with fiberfill, and then stitched the opening closed, and VOILA!--two beautiful pillows to give to Grammy for Mother's Day.  Now my duaghter is planning a daddy-sized pillow for her dad!

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