Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mini Pink Christmas Tree

Can you tell I have daughters?  I got this cute mini 4 foot tall pink Christmas tree on sale at Kohl's last month and we've had it up in the living room ever since.  In the past, I've ordered lots of custom personalized ornaments for my girls, but now that I stay home, I'm looking to save some $.  So, I made these two cute ornaments for the arrival of Veronica (hopefully this month--she better not get here in 2011!)  Anyway, they were so easy to make--just to go Michael's, buy the resin or glass ornaments, buy a Sharpie paint pen, and get writin'!  I practiced a little on some old newspaper first.  Make sure you have a thick layer or you will write with permanent paint on your dining room table.  Luckily if you catch it fast enough (as I did), you can scrape it off with your fingernail leaving hardly a trace:)


I also did a little new free motion quilting on a tree skirt I made for their tree--stars.  I think they turned out pretty good for a novice.  It wasn't too hard to do and it looks festive.  I tried some metallic thread at first, but my machine just tore it to shreds, so I just used the same green I was using in the bobbin.  I actually haven't put the binding on yet, but maybe tonight?  Then I can share the finished product along with a room makeover I just finished in time for baby girl #3 to arrive.  There was no pattern involved in this one. Remember that old newspaper I used to practice writing for the ornaments?  I just cut out a wedge from that and then evened everything up once I'd put it together by just folding and cutting.  I'm planning to bind in a candycane stripe.  I've already got the strips cut out!

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  1. Your starts look great!!!! What a cute tree skirt!


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