Friday, November 26, 2010

Fall Tabletopper

I just finished a cute little fall tabletopper about a week ago--just in time to enjoy it for a few days and then put it away for next year:)  We always do our Christmas tree and decorating on the day after Thanksgiving.

The blocks are made of a linen fabric that I bought as a HUGE tablecloth on clearance at Kmart about 3 years ago.  I loved the colors in the tablecloth, but we are not a tablecloth using family and it wasn't the right size for our dining room table.  I finally got around to cutting out some blocks and making it into something usable.  I still have tons of blocks and probably 2 yards of fabric left, so I may make a tablerunner, too, at some point.  I love how the tabletopper turned out to look like a windowpane and all the leaves falling past the window.  I bought the brown fabric on sale for $1 a yard at JoAnns.  I normally don't like the fabric there, but this is even the Stonehill line of fabric they sell, which I think is supposed to be the higher end fabric they carry.  I like it.

I've got a couple other projects, namely Christmas ones, in the works.

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