Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Latest Projects

So, I told my friend MaryLou that I'd sew a custom bolster pillow for her daughter's room back in May. After she dropped off the pillow form and fabric, I promptly put both where the kids couldn't get to them and forgot about it. Fast forward to July. She emailed me to see how it was coming along and I told her she could pick it up in 4 days, that I was just about finished. I figured that by giving myself a deadline, I'd get it done, but boy was that dumb. It did get done in time, and is nearly perfect, but I almost killed myself the night before the deadline doing the entire project in 4 hours. I'd never made a pillow cover nor inserted a zipper nor attached piping to a project. I just winged it. Thank goodness I had an arsenal of great reference books my husband has bought me over the years--I love him! I had three great basics books I just kept shuffling through until I'd find what I needed. And you know what? Zippers aren't that hard! Here's the finished project (52 inches long):
I hope it looks great in her newly redecorated room!

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