Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter bunny table runner

Well, I just finished putting together an Easter bunny table runner for my church's silent auction tomorrow night. It was great that I was making it for charity because I could have small errors and not worry about someone complaining about them! And, it was good practice for the other 3 I am planning to make before Easter. Anyway, sewing on the binding takes me ages!!! Does anyone have a foolproof method for sewing on the binding top & bottom at the same time? I have looked all over the web because I hate sewing by hand! I tried two different methods: fusible thread to iron down the binding and sewing in the ditch on the front and hoping to catch the back in just the right spot. Suffice it to say, neither one worked very well. I also saw a cool looking method in Sew Darn Cute to just flip the backing up and use it as the binding on the front. I've already got baby fabric ready to try that method, but it won't work for every quilt I make because sometimes I need the contrasting binding.

My next project? Well, finish those other 3 table runners (one as a gift for my friend who moved into a new house 2 years ago and is starting to decorate now that she has furniture! and the other 2 to sell on my brand-new Etsy site. Then, I have the cutest fabric--it's a Little Red Riding Hood fabric panel and the cutest LLRH fabric to make my oldest daughter a cute little lap quilt. She picked out the fabric herself. I found the panel on clearance at, but the panel was sold out before I had a chance to get checked out!!!:(!!! I had to find it on Hancocks and of course I spent $230 extra bucks on stuff I didn't need but decided I really, really, really wanted. More to come on that...

So, I think has the best selection and the absolute BEST prices out there. I also like Connecting Threads, but I don't think the quality is up there with Moda or In the Beginning (my two faves). I shop a lot on Ebay for stuff I know I have to have to finish a project. Any other suggestions from anyone for great prices on quality fabric?

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