Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Dresses

This year I wanted to sew Veronica a new “cherry dress.”  Two years ago I took a class at the Riley Blake Fabric Fest from Lindsay Wilkes, aka The Cottage Mama, and sewed this adorable Janey Jumper for Veronica, which always had the top spot in her clothing rotation during warm weather.


But when I ordered the red ribbon trim, I accidentally ordered just 1 foot of trim, which is not enough.  So we had to go with a back up plan until the new trim arrives.


The fabric in this version is called Wee Gallery by Dear Stella Fabrics. 


Somehow I had the right color ric-rac and matching button in my stash.


This dress is destined to be as popular as the cherry dress!


My older daughters wanted their own Easter dresses too, so I happily obliged.


My oldest went with a tropical parrot print from Michael Miller.


And my middle daughter choose a Grace in a Pickle 30’s inspired dog print.  It has a really classic look to it—perfect for the age old past time of climbing trees.



Or perhaps for scootering around the neighborhood.


It was a gorgeous day outside with family and friends.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter, too!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Look at those gorgeous girls in their beautiful dresses!! Has the countdown begun for Naomi's arrival?

  2. Beautiful dresses and gorgeous girls. Love that pattern.

  3. OH, SO CUTE. I'm dying of the cuteness over here! I really *really* need to have a girl baby eventually so that I can sew for one! :)

  4. Your daughters look beautiful in their Easter dresses, all color coordinated with cardigans and shoes! You can tell from the lovely photos that they are proud of their clever mum!

  5. You did such a beautiful job with their dresses and they all look so cute with them. I am sure they were thrilled to have the love poured out in their finery!!! I'm so glad the weather cooperated so beautifully for you too.

  6. Beautiful dresses and gorgeous models! :-). Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  7. oh you are so clever Jamie. Such gorgeous dresses. Hope you had a lovely Easter xx

  8. so beautiful dresses !!! I'm so sorry, that my girls doesn't want to wear dresses. The girls look so lovely with the new dresses.

  9. The girls all look so pretty in their new Easter dresses! It is wonderful to see that you all finally have enjoyed a wonderful holiday!
    ps. finally sent off your package today ;)! sorry it took me so long.

  10. What a beautiful post!! What a lovely idea to have new Easter dresses and your photos are so wonderful!!


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