Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saffron and Cyan {2 finished quilts!}


The DCMQG has a tradition of making quilts for new babies.  That’s a lot of baby quilts each year, so volunteers coordinate specific quilts. I always love making a block or two to contribute to a quilt, but this past fall I changed it up a bit by volunteering to coordinate a quilt for a little boy, which is exciting for me since I normally sew for girls. 

The mom-to-be gave me some specific ideas for color palettes and quilt design (she really likes Denyse Schmidt’s Hop Skip Jump pattern) which was so helpful since I was a little bit nervous about the responsibility of coordinating the quilt.


I tried a new quilting design from one of Angela Walters’ books in the center orange portion of the quilt.  Then I did my old stand-by of teardrops in the blue section.


After assembling the baby’s quilt, there were quite a few very usable strips of fabric left over, and I hated to waste them, so big brother (he’s two years old) got his own quilt too!  I think I enjoyed putting this quilt together even more.  Picking out solid fabric from my stash for the block backgrounds was my favorite part, along with figuring out how to make enough strips out of the leftovers once I’d used them up and still needed a few.  A couple of strips have orange and blue in them for that reason, but I think the mismatched strips add to the playfulness of the design!


This bigger quilt I stippled…I love the quickness and texture it gives a quilt.   Normally I go with one fabric for binding, but this quilt specifically asked for a scrappy binding and I was happy to oblige.


Both quilts were well received and I’ve already seen a few photos of them in use on Instagram, the best kind of thank you


  1. Great job! And good for you for using the scraps. Big brother probably really liked getting something for himself with baby now getting so much attention.

  2. You certainly know they are well received when they are being loved! And they are lovely!

  3. Wow....fantastic! Love the design and the movement in both..

  4. I really like both quilts - what wonderful gifts! The bigger quilt is really gorgeous - I just love those strips with the different backgrounds.

  5. we love them so much! Joey especially loves his; the other day i pulled our usual couch quilt over us and he kicked it off and refused to cover up until i went and got the one you made. Teddy is a bit indifferent so far but i'm sure he'll warm up to it eventually ;)

  6. (ps: the scrappy binding is my favorite part of both quilts!)

  7. You once posed the question "can I make a Modern quilt"? These two quilts are both modern,and turned out so nicely! Love the scrappyness of the quilt tops and the binding too. Well done you :)!

  8. I love everything about these quilts - the scrappiness, the colours, the quilting - just gorgeous :-)

  9. Both of these quilts are so wonderful, the colours , the freeness in the patterns and your quilting. I think its so lovely that big brother got a quilt too.


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