Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Liberty Dots Mini {a finished quilt}


Have you heard of the Sew the Library challenge hosted by Fabric Mutt and some other bloggers?  It’s to encourage us book-buyers-but-never-makers to finally make some of those patterns we’ve always wanted to get around to.  My friend CeLynn and I decided to join in the fun, because it’s always more fun with a friend, and picked a sweet quilt called Butterfly Effect for January.  Hers is pieced; mine is still in pieces.  But, I did finish another quilt from a book (in a record 3 days time, albeit it’s just a mini quilt and “based” on the pattern in the book), but it’s still adorable, still a quilt, and—most of all—still finished!!!


The idea for this mini came from the book Quilts, Baby!  Oh, how I love looking through this book, and now I can count TWO whole quilts I’ve made from it (the other was this elephant quilt for a friend’s baby shower). 


There are two reasons I decided to make this quilt—#1 I wanted to make something small with Liberty lawn and find out what all the fuss is about and #2 when I was thumbing through the book daydreaming about making something, I saw this quilt and realized it would make the perfect project for January’s Le Challenge theme…dots!  A win-win if there ever was one!


I can report that I’m still not sure what all the fuss is about (in fact I accidentally bought Robert Kaufman lawn too—the green print—and I can’t tell the difference between it and the Liberty).  I’ve bought quite a bit this past month to make a larger quilt and I wanted to practice on smaller pieces before embarking upon such a costly undertaking.  Should I interface the fabric?  What kind of fabric should I pair it with?  What kind of needle to use?  I asked a lot of bloggers and got a lot of advice.  Based on all the advice I received, I ended up using Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in latte as the background fabric…and I bought a Juki TL 2010.  Whenever I do end up making the larger Liberty quilt, it will be worth its weight in gold!


The background fabric is Heather Ross unicorns and the binding is an unknown Art Gallery color.  The finished size is 24” x 24”. 

I am having a baby in about 3 months and figure this will make a nice, light blanket if she needs one during April or May, and later it will make a super-sweet doll quilt or wall hanging for her room. 

Just to recap:

  1. #Sewthelibrary project completed
  2. #Lechallenge project completed
  3. Practiced sewing with Liberty fabric
  4. Made my first handmade item for baby
  5. Bought a new sewing machine

That’s one heck of a finish!

Thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Love your free motion quilting, it looks great in the negative space with this pattern!

  2. Cute! I haven't bought any Liberty....yet. It's beautiful, but there's so much beautiful fabric out there....for less. Your quilting looks great :)

  3. And I thought I would just read about a sweet little baby quilt! It really is a sweet baby quilt, but there's so much more in this post. Congrats on the new baby!

  4. The quilt is very nice! But the few words hidden in the post are fabulous, amazing and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I've just visited the musical Mary Poppins !!!)

  5. First of all- congratulations on your impending arrival! This quilt is lovely- perfect for a Spring baby! I also love the idea of making from all the books we have! I think I need to explore this further....

  6. what a great finish - it really is super pretty :-)

  7. Love the quilt - it's all round. I had heard somewhere that you were expecting. Congrats again!

  8. Jamie, this is darling! I really need to get myself a rainbow stack of Liberty scraps one of these days. What a perfect little baby quilt, and I love the backing you chose. I hope you have a safe delivery too!

  9. Wow - eventful week! I love your mini. I've also been wondering about those Liberty Lawns... :-)

  10. How do you like that new Juki? Love your FMQ it looks perfect! You have been pretty busy this month too! Hope your pieces are now a quilt top.

  11. Wow, you've been busy! That unicorn print is so sweet. Can't wait to hear all about the Juki. ;-)

  12. LOL!!! You bought a new machine when you went to buy fabric!! That's great!! Your little quilt is gorgeous! The Liberty looks great with the shot cotton, really pretty. I love your loopy quilting too.

  13. She´ll love to snuggle in her very first quilt! Isn´t it the best feeling when you can finally sew for the baby? ;-)

  14. Visiting from Le Challenge. Cheers on the finish and on the expected baby.

  15. HI, love this Mini Quilt>love that FMQing too!
    Thanks for sharing!


  16. Hi, I love your baby's first quilt! I have a crocheted blanket that I made 29 years ago for my first daughter and it is still special. I didn't know how to sew, I just couldn't figure it out until someone told me to buy a decent sewing machine! 4 machines later I have a Juki and I love it you will too! You had a great month!

  17. Love this quilt - I love the idea of sew the library! Thanks for sharing on le challenge.

  18. I love the liberty fabrics, but unfortunately I cant sew curves as well as you.


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