Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wild & Free Pillows {a finished project}

My oldest daughter was lucky enough to have a student teacher for the first part of the school year.  What better way to say thank you than matching pillows for her teachers?


I used the new line of fabric Wild & Free by Maureen Cracknell (+ a few scraps).  I always thought the arrows would be my favorite print from the line, but once I saw it in person, Sun Tracks was clearly my fave!  I bought extra after getting my preordered fat quarter bundle, and used it for the backs of these pillows.


I also quilted each pillow differently.  For one I did cross-hatching, simply for the reason that the spool of thread on my machine was nearly out and I thought maybe I could eke out an entire quilted pillow from it (I couldn’t). 


There is just something about straight lines that makes my heart swoon when I see them on pillows! 


Quilting always seems to show up better on the back.

Then I quilted the other with a free motion pattern so they were the same but still different.  Also I was a bit tired from all the straight lines.  FMQ is so fast!


The quilting pattern blends in a lot of with all the different fabrics on the front.


The teachers liked the pillows and I got a message from one later that night informing me her 16 year old daughter already claimed it for her bedroom. 

I promised that this would be the end of pillows for a while, but I was wrong.  I already started another with the leftovers from this project and some scraps that have already overtaken my sewing room and are threatening to take over my house…


Have a wonderful weekend!  Linking up with Fort Worth Fabric Studio and Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. Very nice! It seems no matter how hard I try to use up scraps, more appear. I have plans for a couple of scrappy projects next year. But let me know if you run out! LOL.

  2. They are gorgeous! What beautiful presents.

  3. The pillows look great and those fabrics are really fabulous. Love the quilting on both of them.

  4. Your pillows are wonderful Jamie. Love the different quilting you did, and of course the log cabins, they are beautiful.

  5. Beautiful! I really need to get some of this fabric. I love making nice to have a finish so quickly.

  6. I laughed when I read your comment about FMQ being fast! I wish I was good enough at it to be fast! Your pillows are so wonderful! I bet that student teacher will treasure that gift- probably her first as a teacher!

  7. Beautiful pillows - always a well received present I think!

  8. Great idea! I know I would loved to have received pillows when I finished my student teaching! A couple of years back I made pillows for each member of my family. I am raring to go on making some for my house. Your husband and mine sound the same! Thanks for new ideas on making pillows.

  9. What a lucky student teacher!! These pillows are so cool! Love the fabrics. The quilting you did is great. I like both of them!

  10. Nicely done,I love the print you used for the backs! How could the teachers not love them,they are both beautiful!

  11. Gorgeous fabrics!! What a wonderful gift for your daughters teacher!! I bet she was proud to say her mother made them.


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