Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tone It Down--“Up”date

The 3 blocks I had finished two weeks ago has grown to 8 total.  Making them is faster now, but it still takes me about 2 hours from start to finish to make each one.


Picking the fabric for each block has been a fun process.  My favorite block is the orange and blue.


The quilt will have 20 blocks all total, so I’m 40% done (hope my math is right).  That does not include the sashing, which I just noticed a few days ago has some piecing to it!

And here’s some cute fabric I picked up online last week.  The one on the left is by Creative Thursday and called The Red Thread.  The fabric on the right is by Henley Studio for Andover.  I love the different patchwork fabric elephants on it.


I’ll just be stashing these away to use for something, someday.

Have a great week!


  1. I love these! Great job! They are nice sized blocks, eh?

  2. Gorgeous blocks! Really like that orange one too. :-)

  3. They are so pretty! What a great mix of fabrics you have chosen.

  4. Those blocks are gorgeous, Jamie. I can see why they are taking so long for each one, but they will be well worth it in the end.

  5. Oh you are right - those patchwork elephants are so so cute! The blocks are looking great - worth all the time they are taking :-)

  6. Tone it Down is looking really good!! 2 hrs includes picking out the fabric too? Lol I am trying to guage how much time I would need;) Lots of pieces! Will I be in over my head? ! Hehehe. Been plotting this quilt in my head for awhile though. I need the background color/low volume part. Dots come to mind over and over.

  7. Those blocks are really great, it is worth every minute (and hours!)!
    Only 12 more blocks to go ;) I am looking forward to see the entire quilt! Just love the new fabrics, especially the one with elephants :)

    Liv Iren

  8. You seem to be flying through those blocks! They look wonderful. How cute are your new fabrics! I paticularly love the Creative Thursday one with the pretty chains of hearts.

  9. Jamie your quilt will be wonderful. Love the colors you're using.

  10. You go girl! That is some crazy progress you have made on the blocks so far! I really like the green/grey block at the top right :) Had a bundle of the Red Thread,and still have some of it left I need to make something with...

    Those elephants are super cute too,I might have to get some and make something for Jolene...

  11. Your blocks look great. You're making good progress. That elephant fabric is the best. I just adore elephants.


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