Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dreamcatcher {a finished quilt}


This quilt was made with Kate Spain’s new Daydreams line from The Intrepid Thread.  The colors are deep purple and pinkish corals with a hint of orange thrown in for good measure.

I modified the Criss-Crossed Quilt from February to make this quilt appear to have wonky 4-patch blocks, like this:


Or wonky crosses like this:


I don’t know which one my eye sees better when I look at the quilt.  But either way I like it!


What do you think of the texture of the quilting?  This double loop pattern came straight out of Angela Walters’s first free motion quilting book.  I never was able to do loops on my domestic machine, but I practiced on a drawing pad and then drew a diagram on an index card which I taped right on the front of my longarm machine.  After a few minutes I was able to take the index card off.  My brain knew what it was doing (for the most part).  Of course my quilting is nowhere near as good as Angela’s, but not too shabby for a first try!


The back is pieced with leftover gray fabric and pink striped fabric long forgotten but re-discovered to finally fulfill its destiny as the back of a quilt, along with a big section of Arcadia in Scarlet.


Arcadia features hummingbirds, rabbits, butterflies, and roosters and has such a fanciful feeling.  One thing is for sure, pieced backs always take longer.  I put this one together with four girls running amuck through the house this past Saturday and, for the hour or two it took, questioned my sanity several times, but the effect is worth the effort in the end…right?


I framed the cloth label in leftover purple and coral.  This quilt is for Veronica so I will write her name on there with an indelible fabric marker and date it.


She loves the quilt and even volunteered for a photo using it.


It finishes at 70” square.  The binding is Kona Punch.  The lattice is Kona Silver and the background is mostly Kona Shadow, but I ran out and had to improvise with some other grays from my stash.  I owe one to Bea for coming up with the idea of ombre.  How did she even know that word???!!!  I tried to cluster the darks in the bottom corner and have the color attenuate into light gray.


What do you think?  Would you classify this as a modern quilt?  Wonky with an edge?  I loved every part of making this quilt and hope it shows.

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  1. I love the wonky patches - they are super cool! And the back is beautiful too :-)

  2. I'd say it's modern - and the ombre effect is super cool! Very nice! I do like the colors you chose for this quilt.
    Also - I just noticed this, and I have no idea how long it's been like this since I read your blog all the time - but I believe you have my stash bee blocks you made for me as your header! Too fun!

  3. Ooh, I love this! The ombre is soooo cool. If you hadn't said anything, I would've suspected it was the design from the start! :)

  4. Your quilt turned out great and your quilting is awesome. I am still to chicken to quilt without a panto. You did a great job my dear.

  5. Those wonky blocks do look wonderful and I think your double loops turned out great. You would never know it was your first attempt at them.

    It's a great finish!!!

  6. Another great quilt! I love that Bea helped you with the layout. She's obviously been listening when you talk about quilts, sewing, and fabric. ;-)

  7. what a pretty quilt, Jamie. I love that ombre effect, Bea is becoming such a pro :)

  8. I love it! I love Daydream, especially Arcadia Scarlet! What a great job you did with the quilting!

  9. I love how you made the block wonky, it somehow adds a shimmer to the overall look of the quilt. The double loop quilting is such a great pattern choice, it looks great!! It looks cold there with all that snow!

  10. This is both modern and edgy,and you really outdid yourself with this one Jamie! Those double loops look fantastic,awesome first try. What was that you said once about the pupil becoming the master? Bea sure has been taking your sewing lessons to heart :)

    Hope you are staying warm with all the snow.

  11. It has a striking edge Jamie!! The best part is the light to dark contrast. LOVE the pic with Veronica lying on her new quilt!!!

    How was Laura Gunn and Katie??

  12. I'm in love with this quilt, wonderful !


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