Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blowin’ in the Breeze


I tried to get a photograph of the three blocks I’ve finished so far for my Tone It Down quilt, but the weather has been quite uncooperative the past few days.  Rain, snow, & now strong winds are not  making it easy to take a photo!


Somehow I missed the Quilt Along associated with this quilt.  I’m not sure how it worked, because the pattern was in a February edition of a quilting magazine and from what I see online, the QAL was last year in November or December.  No matter, I’m enjoying making these blocks one-by-one at my pace.  This quilt does not need to be finished until July, so there’s no hurry.

Despite the terrible weather continuing well into the end of March, the spring cleaning bug has bitten me and I painted another room yesterday.   This bedroom is now a home office.  A light shade of blue from the mistints at Lowe’s transformed the walls.  We still need to hang the artwork and move some shelves in, but I’m hoping to keep this room clean and uncluttered.  Fingers crossed!  Now I’m ready to start painting my daughter’s room finally.


Hope you are having a wonderful (and spring-like) day!


  1. love your blocks Jamie. This will be such a wonderful quilt. Also, love the pretty color you used in your office. So happy and bright. Perfect!!!

  2. Your blocks look great, even with the wind! That is a pretty blue!

  3. Yep, finally after the last few days of unseasonably warm weather, it feels like spring! Today it was about 65*, with sprinkles and a little wind. Great fabric choices in your blocks.

  4. such beautiful blocks. Its nice to have a long-term project that you can savour and enjoy :-)

  5. Your blocks are just great! I think that the snow and wind work as a perfect "frame", and make the colors shine :) looking forward to see the quilt!

  6. Your blocks look great. The same thing happen to me. Were we live it seems it is always windy.

  7. The blue is so pretty. What a nice office that will make.

    I love those blocks.

  8. Your blocks are so pretty blowing in the wind. I guess missing the quilt along means you can make the quilt at your own pace. The light blue is so lovely for your office, good on you for painting it!!

  9. Good to hear you like painting as you have talked about before. The room looks bright and a fresh new feel to it!

    I think this will be the first quilt I tackle whenever I get back to sewing! I have had the APQ magazine issue for months.

    Yours is coming along very well:)


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