Saturday, February 1, 2014

My New Sewing Space {or more aptly “Ode to Ikea”}

My sewing space is just about finished.  It’s been painted and stocked, just a few little tasks left to complete. 


The room gets a lot of natural light during the morning hours.  I’ve got my regular sewing machine on a desk my husband altered so my machine sits flush with the tabletop.  What a difference that makes!


My kids Beatrix and Esther have their own machines set up permanently in the room.  Veronica has her own stool so she can join in the fun.  The old orange leather and chrome stools were free from the dump; the yellow stool was a Craigslist find.  {White Ikea table from Freecycle}


Stash organized ROY G BIV style.  Scraps organized by color too, although I need to get crackin’ using those scraps so they can fit more comfortably in the bins.  {Storage shelf & plastic bins from Ikea}


And lastly all the rest of my fabric, quilt tops, WIPs, and notions are stored in this amazing storage unit {also from Ikea, called the “Algot”} and boy can it hold a lot of stuff! 


Here’s the Innova 18” longarm I mentioned.  I’ve already quilted my first quilt on it and can’t wait to do another.  You can still see the dining room in the background—we just picked out French doors and they will be installed in the next two weeks, weather permitting…

Oreo thinks the longarm is her own personal cat hammock. 


My plan is to get the Penny Patch quilt on the frame today and get that one started.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Great working (playing) space! Love that carpet!

  2. your sewing room looks amazing Jamie. Love all the great light you get in there and how everything has its place. And the long arm, of course. Looking forward to seeing all the fun quilting you will do.

  3. Love it. Really like the "button" rug! Don't you love Ikea?!

  4. What a wonderful sewing space...I'm loving that floor rug.

  5. LOVE the ROOM!!! The rug is sweeet!! Wherever did you find it?

    I also love all the thriftiness purchases you made. I need a yellow chair like that for cutting.

    Lots of pretty fabric and of course the LA shines!!!

    If you do happen to move ever, NC is great LOL

  6. Oh my goodness, I love the rug too, it's so cute! I really want a space for a sewing machine for my daughter too--not in this house though. The Innova just takes up SO MUCH SPACE! But it's worth it. =) What a lovely place to work. Have fun!

  7. Your sewing room looks so warm and inviting,the chairs and sewing table for the girls is great. That button rug just takes it over the top :) Makes one smile just looking at it!

    From the looks of it you have already been inspired,and are hard at it. I am soooo Happy for you Jamie :)

  8. Looks wonderful!! Lucky you... Enjoy it.

  9. Wow!!! Stunning!!! What an awesome space! Your WIPs will be done in no time now. How good that Santa got you two button rugs! The Innova is not too bad either ;-) I love that your kids have their own sewing space, too. I also admired your stash, so now I won´t feel bad that I have "so much fabric", all of mine fits in one small Billy from Ikea, haha. How funny that your stash of purple seems to be the smallest since it´s your favourite color!

  10. So envious, especially of the thrifty stools and the long arm!

  11. What a fantastic room Jamie, oh you lucky girl, I am in awe of your staff alone, let alone the books and the cat hammock - gorgeous cat and so right to assume it's hers.

  12. That is the dream sewing room, neatly folded fabric, lots of natural light and a fabulous long arm, the perfect place to make gorgeous quilts!!

  13. This room is so pretty! You must be so inspired right now. Makes me want to come and just hang out there for a while!

  14. You have a fantastic space Jamie! Now, I just need you to come out to California to organize my stash like that. ;)

  15. Your room looks great my dear. Love how you have it all set up. We are still working on mine.

  16. Your space looks fantastic. I LOVE the button rug. The fabrics look so well organized too.

  17. Wow! it's so tidy, especially all your fabric. How nice of you to buy such a nice cat hammock for Oreo!


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