Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Letting the Light In

The new light in my sewing room was installed last week.  I just love, love, love it!!!!  Have you seen the show American Pickers?  Sometimes Mike, Frank, and Danielle find industrial fixtures on their adventures in old abandoned buildings.  Since I don’ t have $500 to spend on a rescued light from their shop, I found a pretty decent substitute at Lowes.  It’s industrial and modern looking and was just the right price!


It also helped that a reviewer said “you can perform open heart surgery under this light.”  That sounds about right for a sewing room!

The only drawback is the Edison bulbs emit a yellowish instead of white light.  It’s a small price to pay though and a drawback I’m totally willing to live with.  I took this photo of the light illuminated at light so you can see the yellow glow.


Speaking of light, my friend Sara sent this heart wall hanging to me recently which brought a lot of much-needed light into my life.  I’ve been having a bad couple of months on a personal level, so this was just the ticket to brighten my spirits.  You hear it so many times, but it’s true, the people in the quilting community are so generous and warm-spirited.


I love the fabrics she chose for the squares and polka dot binding since purple is my favorite color ever!  And the handstitching around makes it even more special.  I don’t know how she found time to make this heart plus all the other beautiful quilts and stitched projects she shares on her blog Growing Stitches.  Did I mention she’s also 39 weeks pregnant!!!???  She’s one busy mama!  Thank you, Sara, it looks fantastic hanging in my sewing room!

She was worried the coral color looked a little orange, but I think it’s the perfect compliment to the purple, so much that I used these colors for the inspiration for my next quilt.  The fabrics are all from The Intrepid Thread.


Have a super Wednesday and hope everyone is staying warm!


  1. Jamie, that light fixture is amazing!!! What a perfect buy. Love the heart wall hanging, too. How very sweet.

  2. That light is amazing. My husband would love it.
    Glad you got a little lift from a friend--how sweet.

  3. It's fabulous, I bet you notice the difference in your sewing room.

  4. Your sewing room is bright and the light looks amazing! (We were watching American Pickers today;) If I brightened your spirits, my mission has been accomplished;)

    Very cool that the heart mini inspired you in creating your next quilt!!!

  5. I love that light! Those are such neat bulbs too.

    Your little heart quilt is so sweet and such a kind gesture.

  6. Quilters/sewist make the Best friends ;) The heart mini is so sweet. Love your new light fixture,no more quilting in the dark for you!

  7. That is such a groovy light and really looks like it would brighten up a room!! Stitched gifts from craty friends are so special, that heart will make you smile every time you look at it.


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