Wednesday, February 26, 2014


definition: the final stages of sewing together a quilt top

I don’t know how to play chess, but that word can apply to quilt making too.  It always pops into my mind the minute I start collecting all the blocks off the floor in careful order, labeling each pile with a post it note and pinning the stack just so.  Then heading to my sewing machine to piece together the rows.  On one hand, it’s the most boring part of quilt making for me, but it’s also exciting as I feel my heart flutter each time I join together another row and more of the quilt top is revealed, bit by bit.


Just last night I had a realization that my sewing skills have vastly improved over the past few months.  I sat down to my machine, lowered my presser foot and needle, and put the petal to the medal.  The speed control was on high, and it wasn’t fast enough.  That’s when it dawned on me that I had the speed lever all the way to the right.  Little by little, over the past few months, I’d been sliding  it over, not even thinking about it.  For years I’d been plodding along on the slowest setting possible, and even that felt a little fast sometimes.  Now I am wondering, can this machine sew any faster??? 

Today I had to head out to Joann’s for a few supplies and lucky me, I came upon this Kona chartreuse remnant (1 yard for $3.20) and a Dear Stella basketweave fat quarter.  Did you know Joann’s sometimes has name brand fat quarters in their bins?  It’s hit or miss, but I’ve certainly found some good deals over the years. 


The Kona chartreuse will come in handy because it seems like every single person I know is having a baby boy in May or July.  I love this shade of green with a dark blue or turquoise.

I also picked up a few stash builders (two blues, a cream, and a gray) and the rest of the bolt of some owl fabric.  It will make a cute quilt backing someday, right? 


I’m hoping to have another quilt finished up this weekend so I can get started on these baby quilts.  The first shower is in two weeks, so I need to get my game on!  I was thinking of making a coordinating basket for the baby’s dresser.  Any ideas of what I could put in it?  Shampoo and lotion?  Washcloths?  Board books?


  1. Yes I agree, quilting can be a bit like chess...and you picked up some great supplies there, well done.

  2. It is fun when a quilt top starts coming together, but I agree with you - it is boring sewing!
    Great finds at the store - looking forward to seeing your baby makes :-)

  3. those quilt blocks look so pretty Jamie. Love your Joann finds.

  4. Those are two nice stacks of blocks waiting to be sewn into a quilt top. Great finds in the remanent bin,score. That is a cute owl print,and yes it would make a great back for a quilt.

    Since the mom to be usually receives lots of things for the new baby,I always like to give a basket of things to pamper mom. bubble bath,tea,a good book/magazine...Hope you were also able to pick up some Kona Silver!

  5. I think you might have a better Joann's that I do. That chartreuse would match two of the walls in my sewing room! Seriously!

    I love the piecing part of the quilting process, more so than the quilting. And the binding is the best!

  6. Looks like you have had some fun shopping!! Let's see....burp cloths?

  7. It's such a great feeling knowing your quilt is almost done!

  8. I say that all the time too when it comes to wanting more speed on my machine; )

    How are you coming along on those baby quilts? For the baskets...a picture frame, board books


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