Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Homemade with Love Baskets

Lately I’ve been obsessed with making fabric baskets.  After making the first few in the same sizes, the last go-around I tried to make baskets that would nest together.  And voila, it worked!!!


Thee of the baskets were gifts for friends and my sister, and my daughter claimed one of the strippy baskets for herself.  It is the perfect container to hold all her ponytail holders and hairclips on her dresser.


My sister had a birthday this past Monday and so I thought a scrap basket would be a fun addition to some beginning quilting books I sent her for her gift.  She’s sure to have plenty of scraps soon because we are doing a quilt-along together!  Stay tuned to see the fabrics we picked.  They are going to arrive tomorrow.  Bea is going to make the same quilt my sister is making, so we just ordered half yards of all the fabrics and I’ll cut them up, add in a few from my stash, and mail them to her.


The lining fabric of this basket is one of my favorite prints, so pretty for summer, which by the way it was still summer when I sewed this thing! 


And last month Bea went to a birthday party for a friend who loves horses.  We picked out some store-bought gifts, but then I decided to make her a basket for her hair ties, to0, and I just happened to have these great carousel prints.  I picked the polka dot handles to give the fabrics a little edgier feel since recipient turned 8.  My oldest will be 8 next year.  I am not ready for that yet.


I did have a little hiccup getting the lining to fit perfectly this time, so I remedied that situation with a little “handmade” tag in the back of the basket.  Yay for little victories like this one.  It just worked out the fold was perfectly centered.


I also wanted to thank my friend CeLynn for the handmade flower headbands she sent my daughters (and all the other goodies, especially her caramel apple jam which was such a treat on toast).  I took a few photos of Bea wearing them to school the past couple days.


This purple flower headband is her favorite!  (and mine too…purple is a popular color at our house)


And pink is always a safe bet too!  Bea and I made the mistake of getting matching haircuts on a whim the day before school began (never, ever, ever do this, just don’t!), so we are both in the process of growing out bangs right now.  These headbands are the perfect accessory for taming those locks till they grow out.  Thanks, CeLynn!!!

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  1. Those baskets are super clever! And I love the one with the horses, those polka dots really do age it up nicely. :)

  2. I love how you got matching hair cuts! Those baskets are adorable!

  3. Cute baskets!!! Cute girls!!!

  4. Love all the super cute little baskets,that one looks quite familiar ;) Bea looks great modeling the headbands,glad the girls like them! You are so welcome,that is what friends are for :))) Hope your hair grows out fast.

  5. Your fabric baskets are just darling. I like the idea of using one for the hair goodies. The girls would love that idea.

    The flower headband looks so cute and she looks like she is thrilled to wear it too.


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