Sunday, April 28, 2013

A trip to the library

About a week ago I started taking the girls to the public library again.  When my oldest was little, we went nearly every single week to story time.  For one reason or another, we stopped going when my youngest was born.  While browsing the kids’ shelves for books, this one caught my eye.  With “quilt” in the title, it was right up our alley!  (Actually, there are a surprising amount of quilt themed books in the children’s section.)


After reading the book to my girls, Esther asked if I would make her a Mooshka quilt.  How could I refuse!  The fabric came yesterday.


I’ve got a good start on my design wall (and a Hungry Caterpillar quilt in the works, too).  When I called Esther in this morning to see it, she told me that the black leaf fabric is not in the Mooshka quilt.  Smart little girl!  I couldn’t help add in some fabrics that aren’t in the original.  Maybe I will take them out.  I’m not sure.  Esther said it would be okay if I keep them in.  I also included some fabrics from Julie Paschkis’s Chickadee line to make it a little easier on me to have variety throughout the quilt.  I am going to leave those in.


I couldn’t resist getting these pretties along with the Mooshka fabric.  It’s called Painted Summer by Lida Enche for In the Beginning Fabrics.  I have a not-so-secret obsession with hummingbirds, really birds in general.  If you’ve never seen the movie The Big Year, I highly recommend it!  It made me see birdwatching in a new light.


This is my newest hummingbird feeder for the front porch.  So far we’ve had three different visitors.  If you don’t have your hummingbird feeders up, now is the time!


  1. Such a cool book!! That is is great to have Esther involved with it.

    Hummingbirds are the GREATEST! I keep telling Ayden we need to get another hummingbird feeder for this summer. Every time we move I seem to misplace mine or I have to throw one out due to something! I love watching them and I have a couple pretty decent shots I have taken in the past in AZ. Wonder where those are...hmmm...

  2. How cute that she let you know she is paying attention to the detail of her quilt! The Hungry Caterpillar quilt is is coming along nicely. Your Humming Bird feeder is very pretty,I bet it and the others provide lots of relaxing entertainment.

  3. What a beautiful project! I'm not even sure if we get hummingbirds in Australia? Will have to google that!

  4. I just bought a copy of that book at the used book sale this past weekend!

  5. I was just going to write that I saw someone buy it at the book sale last weekend - looks like a great book.

  6. Oh, I have some of Lida's fabric too. So pretty. I love when you can still see the brushstrokes.


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