Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Favorite Thing

In one of my recent blog posts a few people mentioned the Wonder Clips I used to hold my binding in place when I machine sew it on (they would be great for holding it in place if you hand stitch it as well).

I thought I’d share another recent “find” that has made my quilting life a little easier.  How do you store your bobbins?  Sadly, I’ve been storing mine wrapped with my daughters’ hair ties and tossed in an old cigar box.


Seriously, I had no idea what colors or how many bobbins I had jumbled in there! 

While we were on vacation some new toys from Nancy’s Notions arrived and I tried out my new bobbin boxes this morning.  Wow, what a difference these little cases make!  I can actually tell what color thread I have on my bobbins and can tuck the little thread tails under the bobbin so I don’t get any tangles while they’re stored.  I wish I had found these a few years ago!


I’ve seen a few different bobbin storage ideas but this was the first that looked like it would work for me.  The two boxes were $9.99 for a set and totally worth it!


  1. I keep all my thread in a divided plastic case and put the bobbin in the section with the matcing thread.

  2. Those look great Jamie! I was just thinking now that I have 2 machines I'd better get my bobbins under control before mass chaos sets in...

  3. Mmmm mine are in a pot full of old bits and bobs.... look how lovely yours look now, I must get with it! x

  4. What a great find. I should do something about my bobbins, they're all over the place!

  5. Love those Jamie! I have a smaller case that is similar it works nicely,but is kinda plain jane. Enjoy your new toys.


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