Sunday, October 14, 2012

100 Followers Giveaway

Well, somehow my the numbers next to the comments were not present during this giveaway and I can’t quite remember how I made them appear last time, but the good news it the winner is number 11, so I don’t have to count too far!


And that person happens to be…

Svetlana Sotak!!! 

When I saw that I had to giggle.  She is definitely my bf in the online quilting world, so luckily I have two sets to give away (I was planning to give the other away when I hit 200 followers, but I want it to be fair, so I’m going to pick another winner who will receive the other identical fat quarter pack of Lecien dots and deer that Donna of Donna’s Lavender Nest generously donated to my blog. She is having her own giveaway right now, too, so you should hop over there after you’re done checking here.

winner 2

So the other winner is….

Rebeckah Austin!!!

Only 22 more followers to go until I reach 200 and then I will have another giveaway of something super duper wonderful. 

Hopefully soon I will have time to post some progress of my latest shoo fly quilt.  It has been quite a challenge for me to sew the pieces in the correct order.  I think I will never develop Alzheimer's as I am constantly using my brain in new and difficult situations like, hst on white or hst on print.  I can just never picture it in my mind, but the blocks I do have put together correctly are starting to look like something that might turn out really pretty!  This weekend I spent a lot of time listing stuff on eBay (it’s amazing how much clothes three daughters can accumulate over the short span of 7  years and also how many sizes of jeans their mother can go through as she gains weight, then loses it, then gets pregnant again and gains weight…you get the picture!).  So now it’s back to sewing for the rest of this week while we wait for all the auctions to go by.


Have a great week!


  1. wow, how cool! thanks, Jamie!!! sorry I made you have two giveaways. You're so generous!

  2. I have to get new jeans myself as the five pairs I own do not fit me anymore. Definitely not a horrible thing as my jean size went down;)

    Congrats to the two winners!!

  3. Congrats to the winners :) Jamie,go over to Jenelle's blog (Echinops and Aster) she was in Stash Bee with us. She has a post about how to get the numbers to show up :)

    Your shoo fly quilt is turning out pretty!


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