Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I finished up a quilt a few minutes ago.  It’s a WIP from a few years ago…maybe three?  I let my oldest daughter Bea pick out the fabrics at Joann’s from their “snuggle flannel” fabric section.  I have to be honest, I’m pretty sure she didn’t pick out the backing since it’s purple and purple is my favorite color and has never been anything she likes.
A good striped binding is always my favorite.  I had this one in my stash.
I just did criss-cross quilting with purple thread (three different shades that were close enough to use together) and used up two whole spools from my stash!  Woo-hoo!
I’m also going on a fabric fast.  To keep my favorite shops in business and at the same time encourage you to use your stash, I’ll be giving away a $25 gift certificate to some online shops I frequent over the course of the next year, with a grand finale next August to see how much of a dent I’ve made in my stash.
Anyone who wants to participate can add a link to a finished project to my linky party starting August 7th.  You need to either have a blog or Flickr account and link back to this giveaway on either.  Open to US and international entrants.

To be entered for the prizes, simply look at your stash, then sew something—anything—from it. Past projects cannot be entered. Then either mention this blog post on your blog or in your Flickr description, then link it up. You can enter any finished project that uses fabrics from your stash.  You can purchase Kona white, thread, batting, basting spray, or notions, but no additional fabric.   I won’t be checking up on you, but you get the idea!
For myself, I will abide by the same rules but I can buy fabric needed to meet the requirements for the bees I am in—but nothing extra!!!  I can swap with others.  Also, I will continue getting my two monthly club fabrics.  I want independent fabric stores to stay in business!
What will nearly kill me?  Missing out on Sew Mama Sew.  But I’ve been living my challenge for the past week and it’s been a little tough but I’ll live.  When I decided to challenge myself, I made a frantic & desperate purchase of a bunch of Kona solids, Laurie Wisbrun’s Brrr, and some Essex linen.  Now I will be only sewing from stash fabrics. 
I can’t wait to see what people make!  Are you working on a stash project now?  Link it up on the 7th thru the end of the month!
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  1. Would love to join you,my only problem is that my stash is seriously lacking in solids! No way I can go a whole year without purchasing solids for my projects.

  2. Yay! Stripey binding :-) That's my fave, too! I love this quilt. Nice work finishing a WIP :-D

  3. Haha, I love that you quickly bought some Brrr before your big challenge started! Did you get the aqua or the green line?
    I would have enough fabric for maybe 7 or 8 quilts, too but I´ve got mostly basics like linen, gingham, stripes and dots. Boring. I´d like to add some more interesting fabrics first and _then_ I´d only sew from my stash. Does that count? ;-)

  4. Aww flannel - Joann's always has the cutest stuff. I just did a baby blanket with some and wow does it stretch and more! I love flannel but I'm not too sure at this point if I would make a huge top again!

    I like this stash busting idea. I started doing this a bit ago but have enough stash to keep going for a contest!

  5. What a cool UFO finish. :) LOVE THAT BINDING.

  6. Love the idea for your using the stash only challenge. I have such a hard time staying away from ordering fabric online. And your new quilt is so pretty, and soft, I bet. Love the striped binding.


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