Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby Elephant Dance Quilt

I just went through my stash to pick out green and blue fabrics appropriate for a boy’s quilt to make this month’s Stash Bee block.


Those fabrics became this stacked coins block.


The colors seem to be wildly popular these days, as I’ve made quite a few bee blocks in this same color scheme.


I ended up loving it so much, those fabrics became this quilt top.


And that’s where the name came from.  My mom was a flute teacher and so the song kept getting in my head every time I worked on the quilt.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Is that grey in there? I am kind of getting tired of white myself lately. Of course the next tutorial I am looking at has white. I am pondering a small scale print instead of the white.

    Plus I am trying to stay away from having to buy more solids. Although I do need solids for a star paper piecing project...ah such is life I guess.

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

    I think your quilt looks great!

  2. You know that I love this color scheme so I´m smitten with your babyquilt! Oooh the elefants!
    For me these colors work for a boy or a girl. Did you have a special baby in mind when you made this quilt?

  3. Love the colors, and the name!

  4. Precious! Do you sell them when you are finished?

  5. I Love that quilt! It is so cute :)

  6. totally adorable!!! I love this color combo and your quilt top looks perfect!

  7. What a gorgeous quilt. I love using greys in my sewing projects!


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