Monday, July 9, 2012

Leaving the nest for the first time

Esther started a Zoo Art camp today.  This is her first time going to anything without me or her sister accompanying her.  Here she is leaving in the morning.


I had to crop out a lot of that photo!  Don’t want you the see the general disarray of the kitchen in the morning!

Here she is in the parking lot after I picked her up.


She happens to be sporting a cute little fabric bauble on her headband.  Svetlana of Sotak Handmade sent 6 (!!) of these cute little fabric sandwiches held together by a button and I knew they’d be perfect hair accessories. 


What a great way to use scraps!  My girls love these clips and wear them all the time, in fact I had them get their portraits done earlier this summer and they were each wearing one.  I covered an alligator clip with grosgrain ribbon and then hot glued the clip to the back of the felt on the fabric sandwich.  Like this…


I used sage green and light pink grosgrain ribbon for them all.  The nice thing is you can clip them in hair as is, or clip them on the side of a thin headband for an extra dash of style!  A great way to use up scraps and get the kids interested in making stuff from fabric.  All it took was felt, pinking shears, some scraps and a button to make the fabric sandwich.  The clips you can easily buy on Ebay or Etsy cheaply, or a little more expensively at beauty supply stores.  And the grosgrain ribbon is available easily at all the chain craft stores.  I added a little non-slip sticker on the inside top of my alligator clip, which helps hold it in place a lot better.

Thanks, Svetlana (and your daughters who made them)!!!  The kids love them!

Update on my front door…I painted it right after I posted pics of the ugly old plain front door.


The new door color, which happens to be Ruby Red by Duron, is a major improvement!‘



I’m really happy with it and it’s just such a great pop of color that adds some life to the front of our house.  My girls LOVED the new color because they think it looks pink, but I think it’s just the right shade of red for the blue siding.


I’ve read that red is the most welcoming color for a front door, and I’m hoping that holds true for our door!


  1. Mama, your little one is growing up so fast! Love the new door color. It is very bright and welcoming.

  2. Love the before-and-after pictures of Esther. Before she left she looked just so brave and after she looked so proud!
    Your new door looks amazing (and will be a nice background for quilt pictures).
    When did you find the time (three kids) and energy (hot weather) to make so many cute swap blocks?

  3. I love your red door! It does look very welcoming.


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