Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Bee Blocks & Polaroids Update


First up is this log cabin in bright colors.  The center is a Hello Pilgrim butterfly.  So much fun to make and choose all the fabrics!


Next up is a stained glass block using Kona medium gray and also bright colors.  This was fun to make, too.

A few weekends ago I made about 120 polaroid blocks for a swap.  Somehow, I misplaced about 60 of them and looked high and low and everywhere in between and couldn’t find them.  I finally got over it and made 60 new ones.


Well, yesterday I smelled burning in our bedroom.  I quickly ran all over the house looking to see what it could be.  Finding nothing, I took the kids out of the house and called 911.  The fire truck and hoses and everything arrived a few minutes later.  Turns out a lamp had malfunctioned and the bulb was brown and smoking.   I was just thrilled that my house wasn’t going to burn down!

When the firemen moved our nightstand to unplug the cord from the outlet, someone must have pulled on a knob that opens an extension table that I rarely use…and in there were all the missing Polaroids!!!  God works in funny ways sometimes! 


Today is the last day to mail them to meet the deadline. I never would have found them otherwise!

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  1. Oh! That´s a story to tell your grandchildren! I´m just glad that everyone is safe, fire is a nightmare. Could that bulb have caused severe damage? Good that you noticed it early enough! What are you going to to with your sweet "extra" 60 blocks?

  2. God is good isn't he! So happy that you are all ok. Cute log cabin block:)

  3. That is HILARIOUS! hahaha
    Just like your crucifix story. Gosh you really have some good testimonies going on over there miss :)

  4. Yours is the second blog I've read about the Poloroid blocks. I sure do like them!

  5. Hooray for finding lost things! Too bad it took a fire scare to do it. Love the polaroid blocks.

  6. Those polaroid blocks are wonderful.

  7. Beautiful blocks, I really like the polaroid ones!


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