Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sliced Apples in Pink and Brown


It’s complete!  I finished hand sewing the binding to the back last night and popped it in the washer and dryer this morning before taking this photo.


I ended up using a yard of brown fabric that has little speckles of color.  The binding is Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt.


And, amazingly, my walking foot started working again about a week ago and I used this sweet little posy decorative stitch to quilt along the diagonals.


I used a polyester batting that I don’t think I’ll ever use again.  A quilter gave me two {yes 2!!!} 30 yard rolls of this batting.  She is a local long-armer and didn’t like it.  I knew it would be a long time before I got through a roll, so I donated one to a local quilting charity and kept the other.  I’ve only used this batting a handful of times, but I always end up with a snag somewhere on the back.  I don’t ever have that problem with Warm and White.  I’m sure plenty of quilters use this kind with no problems, but it’s not for me.  I have a new motto…if I don’t love it, I’m getting rid of it, so this batting is going!


  1. how pretty! I love those colors. Glad youre machine decided to start cooperating.

  2. That is a great motto to have! Love the pink and brown combo :)


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