Thursday, May 24, 2012

Front Door Makeover and Bee Quilt Update


Last year we got a new roof courtesy of Hurricane Irene.  It really made our house look great!  We ripped out all the boxwood across the front of our house and planted hydrangeas and azaleas.  They have grown in beautifully.  We also had a new screen door installed and replaced the white shutters with black ones.


I have decided our front door needs a makeover.  I am debating between painting the front door a dark gray or a shade of red.  We have some Adirondack furniture on the front porch that I am going to paint, too.  My husband just informed me that he is not working Memorial Day, so it’s a project that might get done in a weekend!

In case you’re wondering what it says in my window, here’s a close up.


The signs have greatly reduced the number of salespeople stopping by my house.  I can’t tell you how many pest control and meat salesmen (they are all men) used to stop by my house during the day before I put up these signs.  I was ill at ease in my own home!  But the last straw was a man who tried to sell me magazine subscriptions.  He told me he was a 2-time felon trying to get on the straight and narrow.  And he told me this while I was standing on my front walkway with my three year old and holding my baby. 


I do think our house is rather pretty.  This is what it really looks like.  What, you don’t have a teepee in your yard?


And now for the quilty--albeit brief--part of my post.  My “Come What May” quilt is coming along nicely.  You can really tell the background color is Kona charcoal in this photo.  I have seven blocks right now, counting the original I made for the tutorial.  I think I will pebble quilt the solid portions and maybe quilt right inside all the triangles with a pretty shade of purple.

Keeping my fingers crossed I won some Sew Mama Sew giveaways!!!


  1. Your house is so cute! I love a red door.

  2. Beautiful house! I just may come to visit it someday.

  3. Beautyfull ;) Love that teepee too! Sorry I haven't sent your blocks yet (worked late every day so far this week) Made it to the post office in the nick of time this evening tho! You should have them by Tuesday :)

  4. Your house is cute! I think you should do yellow or turquoise. I didn't like the radishes. I had to go to court last fall because a salesman knocked on my door and I called police. They subpeanaed (?) me.

  5. Wow! The porch balustrate looks perfect to take pictures of quilts on it. Can I come and live at your house? ;-) I love the style, the color, the windows and the huge garden! House-hunting would be so much easier if we could find sth similar here :-) Here the houses are mostly made of bricks with roughcast(?) in different colors and with wooden balconies, the gardens are usually much smaller as space (in the town areas) is more limited here. Honestly I would be seriously worried about the need to carry a gun- here most people don´t even lock their doors during daytime but there are also not so much salesmen...
    P.S. imho dark gray -Kona charcoal *lol*- would look very nice, also with different colored door wreaths matching the seasons.

  6. You have a truly beautiful home. For the color of your front door, I would suggest a shade of dark grey. It will balance to the color of the whole house. Anyway, I love big yard!

    *Nancy Ferdinand


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