Thursday, May 31, 2012

Broken Camera

I dropped our camera on the kitchen floor with the lens extended yesterday.  I had to order a new camera, so I am short on photos of my quilting endeavors.  We are getting our third Canon PowerShot in seven years.  Granted, we use the camera basically everyday, but still that seems like a lot of cameras.  And our last one stopped working while I was in labor with Veronica.  Seriously, about 3 hours after we arrived at the hospital, my husband had to run to Walmart to get a new camera!!!  All three of our cameras have suffered from the nebulous “lens error” which really just means “broken for good.”  I’m not sure if I’d ever recommend buying a Canon, but we are getting two new ones as part of the Canon loyal customer program.  I traded in two defunct cameras and am getting my husband a nice replacement point-and-shoot and myself a cheap Elph so I won’t feel so bad next time I drop it!

I started a new quilting project yesterday using “Maya” by Leah Duncan, three quilter’s linens (I added one after taking this photo), and Kona aqua.  Is anyone tired of Kona aqua yet?  I’m not!  I’m not tired of Kona ash, either!


And right before I dropped the camera, I snapped a few photos of our yard.  I have painted the front door (color to be revealed once I have a camera to take a photo with). 


We went to a wedding over the weekend and the kids got little goodie bags that included these disposable cameras.  They took all 27 photos in about 2 minutes, but the fun lasted much much longer than that!


We also have this funny looking Pinocchio tomato growing in our garden.  It is one of the few that haven’t been gotten by the squirrels or Veronica.


And here are the first cherry tomatoes which should be ripe and ready to eat by the weekend.


  1. Poor you, such bad luck with the cameras...

    The pic of your kids is so cute! I cannot believe how big Veronica looks already and I am also not tired of aqua yet! ;-)
    Your tomatoes are almost ripe while ours didn´t even start blooming. I really should keep in mind that you live about on the degree of latitude of sicily and southern spain while we are on the same degree of latitude like Montreal. :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your camera, my greatest fear is something happening to mine. I never knew Canon had a loyalty program. The kids sure look like they are having fun!!


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