Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Night Finish

Our Beejeebers queen selected this beautiful half square triangle block for the month of May.  I procrastinated until the last possible days and got the block finished a few minutes ago.


And then, as I was writing this post, I noticed the bowties in the top rows are backwards, so I just unpicked and restitched {again} and it’s fixed now.


It was fun picking through my scraps to find bright colors and prints I like.  My cat Oreo also had fun rolling in the scraps…


Overall, it took a long time to put together, kind of like a puzzle, but the end result is very pretty.


Thanks, Ursula, for picking such a beauty!  I hope you liked the colors and fabrics I picked.


Up next month?  Semi trucks.  I already have a few ideas spinning around!


  1. I love the block! And I love that you unpicked it and resewed ;)

  2. Wow! that's awesome. Sorry you had to do some unpicking. I did a little of that this week, too.

  3. That is an awesome block! Great use of scraps too! I love half square can do so much with them!

  4. i had problems to log in during last week but I wanted to tell you that your blue and red paper piecing star block is one of my favorite blocks from you! Your newest colorful block is also so nice to look at,all those different fabrics and sharp corners - an I spy block for quilters.

  5. Your block is GREAT. So sorry you had some unpicking to do. That is my least favorite thing to do.

  6. I'm new to your blog and was poking around old posts. This tuned out fabulous!
    One question: In the first photo...what is the Red & pink flower crown fabric next to the blue at the top? I love it!


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