Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I’m drinking a Sprite…

…which only means one thing.  I’m sick!  I don’t drink soda.  Ever.  Except two or three times a year when I have a cold.  And this is one of those times.  Luckily, my husband just finished up a real bender at work and will be home today and tomorrow.  Do you ever feel like your body “knows” when it can get sick, so it makes it to the very point where you’re about the get a rest and then shuts down?  Like vacation right after college exams. 

Anyway, that means when my medicine head wears off, I can head to the sewing room for some RNR of a different sort.  I just finished up my STASH BEE block to send to Sam.  (Confession:  I totally forgot about SB because I never added the blog to my Reader for some reason.  Thank God I saw someone else’s block on their blog or I would have been an absentee bee this month.)


This is a pineapple block and I had a little trouble with getting it the right size.  Sometimes I feel woefully inadequate when it comes to my sewing skills.  Things go right most of the time, but when there are so many pieces in the block, things tend to go wrong.


This beauty was my first block, but it weighed in at over an inch too big!  I will mail it anyway and maybe she can use it on the back.  The fabrics are some of the first ones I bought when I started quilting.  I know lots of people make the mistake of buying too much fabric before they figure out their “style.”  Guilty!  I do like them, but they don’t go with my house too well.

Both blocks are made with fabric from Blank Quilting, and the smaller block also has some Moda American Jane in it.


  1. Pretty blocks! what size are they? lotsa pieces for sure. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. How funny, I always want fizzy pop when I'm ill too! I hope you feel better soon, your blocks for the stash bee are fab x


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