Saturday, January 7, 2012

Newest Blocks…


I haven’t been able to sew much lately because I had a breast infection (from breastfeeding) that was a real bear.  It is my third one in the 5+ years I’ve been breastfeeding, and definitely the worst of them.  In times like this, I am so thankful for the miracle of antibiotics.  And eye doctors.  When I got my first pair of glasses, I walked out of the office and saw the leaves on the trees in the parking lot.  I had forgotten that trees even had leaves and weren’t just some fuzzy blob on a trunk.  If I had lived in prehistoric times, I would have already been eaten by a saber-toothed tiger that I couldn’t see hiding in the bush. 

So, the good news is that I am on the mend and got some sewing done today.  Sunni, from Love Affair With My Brother, is running the Stash Bee (one of the 2 bees I am participating in this year) and is making a quilt called the Tree of Life.  I got busy this morning.  The first I made was just a log cabin tree with a fussy cut bird in the middle.


Most of the fabrics are Riley Blake Summer Song and Rainy Days & Mondays, but the cute flower/bee print is one called “Girl Friday.”  I love it of course for the bees.

The second tree I used some of the leaves I have made for my Little Leaves quilt (a pattern from Elizabeth Hartman’s Practical Guide to Patchwork).  The fabric is mostly Domestic Bliss with a few others thrown in for a good mix.


I did a zig zag stitch around all the applique, and I am digging this block, too.  I freehanded the trunk onto the Heat n Bond in the spirit of this tree I saw on Needle Little Balance. 

Hope Sunni likes both of these!


  1. These look so great! Which block are you making for Beejeebers?

  2. This tree and it's pretty "dancing" leaves is WAY cute!


  3. Cute blocks, I love how you made two very different tree blocks, they both look wonderful. I'm glad you're on a mend, breast infections positively suck and HURT!!!! Hope you'll be pain free soon.

  4. Oooh! Ouch! I never had to deal with a severe infection. hope you are feeling better.
    And I am positively in love with these blocks. I'm so glad you made a pieced block. They are both darling!

  5. Your blocks are very sweet and cheery. I am a fellow bee and I'm now a follower.

  6. I really hope you are feeling better already! And I bet you can tell that I like your blocks! :-)

  7. Hope your feeling better! My DIL had that swell but not that severe.
    Your blocks for Sunni are amazing. I'm in hive #1 with you in Stash Bee and I havent started my block. I've sketched it out but am waiting for my Kona White.


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