Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Top Done!

I am on a mission…next week Warm and White batting goes on sale at Joanns for 1/2 price and I’ve got my stackable 20% off coupon already printed and in my purse.  My mission:  to get as many quilt tops—and backs—finished as I can between now and next Monday so I can go buy batting to finish them up.  Batting takes up a lot of space and I don’t like storing it around.  My kids like to rip through it, make caves in it, jump all over it, too, so it’s really not safe to keep in the house.  With a sale like this, I want to be ready to optimize my money.
I think this is Love U (actually, maybe it’s Love Is in the Air) by Deb Strain.  I like the whimsical-ness and boldness/contrast of the colors in the prints.  This quilt top is made from the first ever charm pack I bought.  It was almost complete, and now it is!
oc pictures 859
I went into Joanns yesterday and found some cute polka dots. 
oc pictures 864
I go pretty much every Monday morning looking for those dang DS Quilt prints.  My store here has had the same 5 prints since May:(  Anyway, in my efforts to find more Picnics and Fairgrounds, I got some $4.99 polka dots straight from a fresh bolt.  I wasn’t sure about the navy blue at first, but now I wish I had gotten a little bit more so I could have enough to use as binding, too.  Guess I’ll get a little more next Monday!
Here’s a photo of the jams we have made this summer…it doesn’t include all of the different variations (strawberry-pineapple, strawberry-rhubarb, black raspberry blueberry, and triple berry), but it has all the basics:  blackberry, spiced tomato, peach, strawberry, and blueberry.
oc pictures 861
My friend Robyn, my cousin Summer, and I canned over 100 jars of peach jam on Saturday:
oc pictures 857We used Trossbach peaches which are famous in southern Maryland for being the best.  My house smelled great, until I made fajitas for dinner last night.  Now it smells like a Mexican restaurant:)


  1. I love it - a girl on a mission! Doesn't it feel good sometimes to be so productive? I've been in the mood to make jam lately, but I gave away all my canning supplies a few years ago. So I'll just freeze some peaches. That's the next item on my agenda for today!

  2. Love your quilt top - very pretty and also love the array of jams! Amazing. What do you do with them all? Homemade jam just leaves shop bought for dead!!!


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