Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Glory

Happy Flag Day to all!  I have been so busy the past few days and I am TIRED!!!   Luckily the husband and I will be getting a date night soon.  I can't wait to not have to cook dinner!  I finished up this table runner this morning to commemorate the day (or the 4th of July):

Here's a close-up of the different fabrics I used.  I cut all the strips 10" long and parallel to the selvage.  Cutting them that way pretty much eliminated any stretch when I was piecing them together.  I actually haven't stitched the binding on the back yet, it's just pinned:)

My fifty-cent tomatoes are doing well.  I've got about 8 tomatoes on the vine right now.

And here are the last of the local strawberries for this season.  Blackberries should be ripening soon!!! 


  1. Your table runner looks great! So glad your tomatoes are doing well. I miss homegrown tomatoes!


  2. I like your table runner very much. The colors are so nice together. It´s interesting for me that red-blue-white quilts are considered to be in patriotic colors.Here in central europe red- blue and white are just summer colors, anyways they are great for this season on both sides of the ocean.


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