Thursday, May 12, 2011

Do Ewe Knit?

I don't, but my sister-in-law Robin does!  She has made my daughters some beautiful and unique hats, blankets, and sweaters over the last five years.

Here's Bea in her swingset after our Easter egg hunt wearing a sweater knitted by Robin.

I haven't really reciprocated much, but when I saw this new line of fabric at Over the Rainbow, I knew I had to make her something from it. I plan to make a lap-sized quilt and possibly do some wonky blocks, which I've never done, but the fabric is silly and wonky seems to make sense.   It is a preorder and hasn't been released yet, but I read on some blogs you can get some of the newer lines of fabric on Ebay or Etsy early somehow, so I've actually bought a few things before they've been released, including these 3 fat quarters.  I happened to have some Heidi Grace Midnight Kisses yardage from Joann's that matches perfectly, and I ordered a couple half yards of Robert Kaufman Konas in red, slate, and gray to go with it too.  I hope she likes it!

I've got yards and yards of the Midnight Kisses fabric because it was only a dollar a yard on clearance.  It has a pretty silky feel.
  I'll have to make the wonky blocks pretty large because of the scale of the fabric.  If I had realized it, I would have ordered 1/2 yards instead.


  1. Cute lambs, she´ll love it! I am curious what you will make of those fabrics. I have never done wonky blocks either (I have to learn to do the regular ones properly before ;-) )

  2. What great fabrics. Robin is going to love it.


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