Saturday, April 16, 2011

Did I buy enough fabric? And, Bambi is Basted

 I love an online store called Connecting Threads.  I have purchased fabric and quilt kits there in the past and this time I even added some thread to my cart.  I'll let you know how it works out.  I bought both polyester and cotton thread, on spools and in cones.  I also got a layer cake and then a TON of 1/2 yards and more of fabric.  The fabric was on clearance and was only $2.48 a yard, so I got enough for backings in a few colors, too.  The box that came was HEAVY!!!  My husband saw the box, but he didn't pick it up thank goodness or he would have wondered what in the world I bought:)  I was able to get it upstairs in my sewing room without alerting him to the magnitude of my latest fabric addition.

I was also able to get my daughter's Bambi quilt basted on Friday morning before everyone woke up.  Bambi was rereleased by Disney this year and Thomas Kinkade designed a line of fabric to coincide with its release.  Now, don't tell my sister or my daughter, but Thomas Kinkade artwork makes me want to gag.  Sorry if I've offended anyone, but his style is just not to my taste.  When his fabric was available last fall, I had to buy it for Bea since Bambi is her favorite movie.  I finished up the quilt top in January and was hoping to have it as a gift for her birthday party in March, but I didn't get around to basting it until now.  I am going to get it quilted and maybe even bind it this weekend since it's raining outside like the dickens.  I don't generally allow the kids to watch tv/movies often, but it looks like a movie weekend;)  The fabric panel was designed as a book, but I just made them quilt blocks.  Now I've just got to get the sewing room and my daughters' room switched out so Bea can move into a twin sized bed and use the quilt!

For the backing I used clearance fabric from Joann's.

I went with pink and brown and plan to free motion quilt green leaves over the pink and brown.  We'll see how that goes.  I made a little practice quilt sandwich.  Recently I did some stars and they turned out great.  Here's hoping the leaves work out!

And I've been dutifully working on all the snowballs for my "Snowballs in Paradise" quilt for my bedroom.
I am hoping to post a tutorial by the end of the month for this quilt.  I've been doing a lot of creating my own patterns for the past couple of quilts I've made, and I've been thinking about getting EQ7.  I even have it in my shopping bag online:) 

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  1. I like Connecting Threads too! And when they have their book sale,...well, I have no trouble getting the free shipping amount! Looks like you got some deals!



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